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Chris Ike
Warm sunny day today Scottie great day to be in the garden or your greenhouse.    I know thats where you would be if you were here.

You never got to see the house I finally was able to buy.  The former owner was a gardiner and left me so many great plants.   I could have used your help and know you would have been their helping me.   100% know you would be helping me and I know I would not have even had to ask you.    That the geat thing about freinds, you dont have to ask, they just know.

I miss your phone calls at 2am my freind.    I miss you telling me to get up and come help you unload the truck that your in the drive way looking up at my window.     Or just the 2am call to talk so you could stay awake while driving. 

I ordered a 1/2 pound of Johnny Jump Up seeds this year.    I know what am I going to do with enough seeds to to cover an whole field.    I have a plan for them my freind and I know once they sprout and bloom you would love it.

I miss you Scottie.  

I miss you my freind.

Kerrie-Lee Lampron

Scott is my "oldest" friend.  We have been friends since 1st grade in Ms. Cummings class.  Seeing as we were neighbors we hung out almost every day after school.  We did many things together:

- "Going steady" briefly in 6th grade in which during that time we made up a secret code to write eachother letters, and then we would have to decipher every symbol to figure out what eachother was saying.  We didn't want anyone to figure out what we were saying in case our notes got lost.  He would always end every letter with "Love ya."

- Taking the old boat into the gold fish pond at his house with Josh, in which the three of us discovered that we were absolutely covered in ticks and had to pick them off eachother when we got back into his house.  So gross!

- Times when Josh and I would "gang up" on Scott, lock him out of my house, in which Scott would then proceed to climb in through a window.  This makes me laugh when I think about it to this day!

- When he would date girls in middle school at Windham, and he would make me have those girls over to "my house" off the bus after school even if I wasn't friends with them just so he could hang out with them.  Clever little stinka!

- When I moved away to Standish, and he and Josh had his Mom Nancy come and pick me and my sister up and we went out to the movies and to Pizza Hut.  Good times!

- Driving in his ugly brown truck on the icy roads of Route 302 in which Scott proceeded to slam on his brakes and swerve all over the road.  Then Josh would yell at him for driving dangerously with me in the truck...

- When Scott was my date to a friend's wedding back in 2005.  We only stayed at the wedding for a short while, then decided to ditch the reception and head out to the clubs in Ogunquit for the night.  Scott was the DD, but he still got me free drinks all night because he knew everyone in town.  We danced and laughed all night.  Since it was really late when he dropped me off, we decided that he would just spend the night because he was so tired.  Since our relationship had always been strictly platonic (other than our brief stint in 6th grade LOL) he slept in bed with me, as he had done several times over the years.  That was our usual routine, and I thought nothing of it until he woke me up in the middle of the night, grabbing on to me and sleep talking "Oh baby, oh baby..."  I just chuckled and threw him in the other direction.  We had a good laugh in the morning when I told him how he had put the moves on me in his sleep!

- When Scott came to my wedding in September of 2008.  Since I was so busy as most brides are, we only got to chat for a few minutes.  We hugged and laughed and talked about how we were so glad that he could make it to my wedding, and how awesome it was that he was the person there that I had been friends with the longest.  That was the last time I ever saw Scott in person...

- Our phone conversation the day before he passed away...  We talked on the phone for like 45 minutes, and I dropped the bombshell that I was pregnant.  He made some wise crack joke, but in the end he was very happy for me, and told me that he better get an invite to the baby shower.  We made plans to hang out in a few days over the weekend, and we were going to touch base in a couple days to confirm.  Sadly, our last meeting never took place.

Those are just a few of my memories of Scott Andrew Libby.  I think of him often, and cannot believe it has been nearly a year since I have heard his voice.  I miss everything about him.  However, I do find comfort in knowing that my precious babies are up in heaven with Scott as their guardian.  I could not ask for a better angel to watch over them!

Leoule Goshu
Scott was the first friend I met in Boston when I was visiting MIT. He showed me around Boston at random hours in the morning. We stayed really close for the two years we knew each other. We would talk for hours when he was at work. and he would always be studying  through business books when I wasn't talking to him. We went out for ethiopian food once (he's not into spicy food that much), he said he enjoyed it. i had my doubts... but he was definitely one of the most genuinely nice people I have ever met. and he made boston memorable for me. and it was impossible for me to find his myspace page. its been an incredibly hard loss for me.  boston isn't the same anymore.
When I think of Scott, I think of him sitting on my lap.  Our senior year of Bentley, Scott was visiting me in my dorm room.  I don't even remember what prompted it, or what we were talking about... but I was sitting in a chair and Scott came over and sat on my lap and put his arms around my shoulders.  We hugged for a while and talked and laughed.  That's how I will always remember him -- Never hesitant to be in peoples' personal space, and always coming to you with a big heart and lots of laughs.
My other memory that stands out is of driving home to Maine with Scott on school breaks.  He was always more than happy to drive us both, and we would almost always both cry together as we left and waived goodbye to Bentley because we were so sad to be leaving.  We both knew we'd be back soon enough, and we were really looking forward to getting home to Maine, but it was still sad for both of us to be away from the dorm life we both loved so much.  We would drive together and talk and laugh the whole way up...
Jasmin Nicholson

Scott took me out to the Fryburg Fair in October 1999. It was our sophmore year in high school. I'll never forget it. He won me this huge winnie the pooh. The look on my face was probably priceless just because I couldn't believe how big it was. He was so happy to win it for me. We had to tie it down in the back of his D.O.T truck so it wouldn't blow away. But I had to keep and eye on it just for the simple fact that we didn't have enough ties to have it secure. We laughed the whole way home. He did his usual and ask me how certain people were. And checking up on who I was hanging out with at the time so he could give me his input. That is one of the many things that I love about Scott. He would tell you how he felt about something and never held anything back. When we got the bear through the door finally. My mom was sitting in the living room when we brought it in. Her face had this look on and all Scott and I could do was laugh. She asked us where did we get that from. I told her Scott won it for me. She looked at him and told him he needed to stop spoiling me. He laughed at her. Then she looked at me and asked me where the hell are you going to put that. And before I could say anything Scott told her it was going in my room with the rest of my winnie the pooh stuff. She called him a smart ass. LoL.

 Scott use to come over and spend the night often. My mom loved him like he was one of her kids . She let him get away with everything.  He loved it and would always tell me that my mom loved him thats why he could get away with stuff. I would tell him that the reason he got away with everything is because he was the middle child , since my sister was the baby. Plus he was the only boy, of course he would get "special treatment." He will be forever missed from me and my family. He his a big part of all of our hearts. And will always be a part of the family.  Here is the pooh bear he won me. This is a life size bear. I'm only 5'4

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